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GaixKakashi is love <3~
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This, too, shall pass, and beyond it will be themselves. Beyond it will be them and eternity, and their rivalry, because Gai wouldn't let either of them give that up, not until eternity -- or at least, their eternity -- had run its course.

- Leaning Against the Sun, by sub_textual & o0famous_amos0o

This community is for both GaiKakashi and KakashiGai!

This community supports the romantic relationship of two male fictional characters. If you are unfamiliar with the term yaoi or if you are uncomfortable with its nature, please refrain from joining the community. Please be advised that while membership is not moderated, some materials posted on the community are rated NC-17 and discretion when viewing such posts will be appreciated.

Moderator: Munklesunkie

Be civil and respect others works.

[1] Stay on topic; all posts must be focused on Gai and Kakashi though you are allowed to have other people/pairings in the fan arts/fictions, Gai and Kakashi just have to be the main event!

[2] Be excellent to each other.

[3] No bashing, no flaming, no snarky or underhanded insults; not on any characters, any pairings, any people, or any fanwork. Keep criticisms constructive and don't go too far.

[4] Use LJ-cuts on: long or image-filled posts, fanworks, images and banners exceeding 500px in width/height, tables exceeding 500px in width, more than three icons, adult content, spoilers, and anything requiring a warning for content. Clearly mark LJ-cuts and links for content.

[5] Do not disable comments.

[6] Fanworks of all kinds are definitely welcome, (I.E. Fictions, fanarts, icons, banners etc.). Nudity and NC-17 fanworks are welcome, but they must be under an lj-cut with a clear warning.

[7] Try to make your posts using proper English; no excessive netspeak, and no weird font abuses (excessive bold, italics, colors, and so forth).

[8] If there is a problem, do not add to it. Contact the maintainer.

[9] You can post just about anything here. Hey, you can even post looking for an RP partner.

[10] All fanfictions must be under an LJ-cut. If you are unsure of how to use an LJ-cut, contact the maintainer.


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